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Pricey homes are par for the course in San Francisco, and normally it wouldn’t surprise us to see a piece of property listed for over a million dollars. But 1235 Sansome Street is different. Now on the market for $1.4 million, it’s an inhospitable-looking lot on the sheer side of Telegraph Hill. 

Not familiar with Telegraph Hill? Let us catch you up. It’s one of San Francisco’s 44 hills, and despite being home to a flock of feral parrots (yes, really), it’s considered a prime place to live. Among other things, it’s only a few blocks from attractions like the Exploratorium and Coit Tower.

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Photo: Trulia

But living at 1235 Sansome Street looks difficult. While the Trulia listing for the property ambitiously says it has space for seven lofts and five cottages, it also notes that “[c]onfiguration of this property is the result of at one time being a rock quarry where much of the original stone for City Hall and developing the Waterfront came from.”

As a result, “[a]ny new development will require some engineering of the hillside.” We believe it — unless you’re able to manipulate gravity and architecture like David Bowie in “Labyrinth,” it will definitely be a tough task to get anything built there.

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Photo: Trulia

That said, if you’ve got $1.4 million and are prepared to do some work, we encourage you to look into 1235 Sansome Street. After all, what could be more San Francisco than buying a little slice of a hill?

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