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Winning the presidential election over pollster-favored Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton hasn’t necessarily made life easy for Donald Trump.

There have been massive protests, there’s that unverified salacious dossier floating around, and even recruiting talent to perform at his inauguration party has proven tough (a Bruce Springsteen cover band recently backed out).

And despite his background as a land developer, it seems Trump isn’t in the good graces of one of China’s biggest real estate tycoons, either.

Pan Shiyi, chairman of SOHO China, a major Chinese commercial developer, has roasted Trump in a nine-and-a-half-minute video, Forbes reports.

“The sycophantic small people of history always sacrifice overall interests in order to gain or maintain the interest of their own small group,” Shiyi says (according to Forbes’ Chinese-language translation) as footage of Donald Trump plays.

“This is the difference between gentlemen and small people. This contradiction will appear even stronger in 2017,” Shiyi predicts in the second half of the video, uploaded to Youku, not naming Trump outright.

Shiyi, who together with wife Zhang Xin boasts a family fortune of $3.2 billion, also highlights how “globalization and regional protectionism” were at odds in 2016, which has obvious Trumpian implications.

The incoming president’s views on trade are widely considered protectionist. He is seeking to at least renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement and kill the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership. In the past, he has threatened China in particular with a 45-per-cent tariff on imports.

Nevertheless, at least some in the Chinese real estate community see positives in a Trump presidency.

Some 39 per cent of Chinese real estate investors figure with Trump at the helm, Chinese investment in the US will increase, according to a recent poll by Juwai, a website connecting Chinese buyers with international properties.

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