TFW your baby’s nursery is far more put together than your own bedroom.

1. Update a dresser that you already have and use it as a changing table.


Photo: projectnursery/Instagram

Most babies are out of diapers by 35 months, so there’s no sense in buying another piece of furniture. Plus, the dresser provides much needed storage for clothes, toys, diapers and toiletries.

2. Paint or wallpaper a feature wall, rather than the entire room.

feature wall

Photo: houseofhanesinteriors/Instagram

Trends come and go. It’s easier to change up the look of a room when the wow-factor is limited to one wall.

3. Pick a theme that will grow with your child.


Photo: grayhousestudio/Instagram

The great outdoors is a safe bet, but your child may grow tired of a theme based on a specific film or book.

4. Use pegboard to organize the essentials for your diaper changing station.


Photo: harlowmadge/Instagram

Integrate shelves or decor that will keep your baby occupied.

5. Make a hemmeli mobile out of drinking straws.


Photo: newmansnest/Instagram

Hemmeli tutorial via Newman’s Nest.

6. If you live in a small apartment, convert a closet into a nursery.

closet nursery

Photo: michellemilesdesign/Instagram

Tiny humans don’t require a lot of space.

7. And if you put the crib in the closet, you’re going to need a garment rack.

garment rack


Aww-inducing swan clothing rack courtesy of Devine Design by Derya.

8. A crib canopy adds a sweet touch to any nursery.


Photo: blondeandbone/Instagram

Did you notice the swans again? They’re totally on-trend.

9. Use a blanket ladder to display patterned swaddle blankets.

blanket ladder

Photo: kailawalls/Instagram

Don’t stuff swaddle blankets in a drawer — use them as decorative accents.

10. Faux taxidermy is always a fun idea.


Photo: e_glue/Instagram

The giraffe is definitely our fave.

11. Rethink the classic rocking chair.

hanging rattan chair

Photo: jlcouture/Instagram

A hanging rattan chair with faux-fur pillows is cozy and chic.

12. Acrylic cribs provide your baby with an unobstructed view.


Photo: babyletto/Instagram

Acrylic furniture also creates visual lightness, especially in small spaces.

13. Buy or DIY a wooden baby gym.

baby gym

Photo: mitliversmukt/Instagram

Not all baby toys have to clash with your decor.

14. Or choose an area rug that doubles as a play mat.

area rug

Photo: daniellenicoledavies/Instagram

Fun and functional!

15. Use rose gold spray paint to update a secondhand crib.

rose gold

Photo: maddenandgemma/Instagram

Ensure that the paint is child-safe, as babies often like to gnaw on the bars of their crib.

16. Keep toys off the floor by storing them in oversized paper bags, like these ones from Tellkiddo.


Photo: tinkabell00/Instagram

Seriously, has there ever been a cuter way to clean up?

17. Wall mounted shelves take up far less space than a traditional bookshelf.


Photo: thetimbatrend/Instagram

These are from The Timba Trend, but you can achieve the same look with BEKVÄM spice racks purchased from IKEA.

18. Scour Craigslist for a vintage bassinet that you and your baby will love.


Photo: misskyreeloves/Instagram

Stick it in the corner of your master bedroom for fussy nights.

19. And finally, use removable decals to add flair without damaging your walls.


Photo: ministyleblog/Instagram

Crucial if you’re a renter. These cute cacti are from 100 Percent Heart.

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