What’s more appetizing, the food or the design?

1. This cozy corner in a converted townhouse in Brooklyn, New York.

eat in-compressed

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2. This modern-meets-historic dining area of a Paris apartment.

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3. This elongated dining table that will seat ten of your closest friends.

long dining table-compressed

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4. This bright and airy separated dining room with minimal decor.

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5. This mid-century modern-inspired dining area with oversized art.


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6. This weathered breakfast bar that creates a casual dining atmosphere.

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7. This concrete kitchen and dining area that looks out onto a lake in Switzerland.


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8. This open-concept dining area that mixes metal with wood.

wood and metal-min

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9. This jaw-dropping ten foot long table made from live-edge acacia wood.


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10. This dining area with a retractable roof light that gives the space an open air feel.

roof light-compressed (1)

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11. This eclectic dining room with soaring ceilings in Sonora, Mexico.


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12. This sunny dining space that’s anchored by a tall, stone fireplace.

bright fireplace-compressed

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13. This rustic, yet modern dining area with an unexpected color palette.

black and green-compressed

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14. This sculptural dining table that contrasts against pure white walls.


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15. This farmhouse style kitchen and dining room that’s accessed through sliding barn doors.

barn doors-compressed

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16. This industrial style breakfast bar with butcher block countertops.


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17. And finally, this villa in Positana, Italy that features a “tile ribbon” made of 18th and 19th century ceramic tiles.


Photo: archilovers.com

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