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With so many gadgets on the market, it’s now easier than ever to make your home feel like an automated tech haven. Electronic door locks are becoming increasingly common, Nest thermostats are ubiquitous and even smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo are growing in prevalence.

But what if you want to bring a truly unique tech device into your home? These days that’s a little more difficult — you could add a table that charges your electronics or invest in a product that will make your bed for you, but if you want something really flashy, we think you’ll want to take a look at POVLAMP.

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Screenshot: Leonardo Novella/Vimeo

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Screenshot: Leonardo Novella/Vimeo

Created by Swiss startup NDF Zurich, POVLAMP is an interactive ceiling light whose 3D lampshade is projected into the air by four rapidly rotating lightguide profiles. As NDF Zurich explains in a project brief, the effect is “based on the principle of the inertia of the human eye” — put simply, the human eye is able to blend multiple discrete images into a single image when they are moving quickly enough.

Because its lampshade is a projection, POVLAMP can take on an incredible number of different forms and colors — it has 16 million different color options, as well as two independent light sources that can be adjusted to create different looks and brightnesses. As NDF Zurich boasts, it can adapt to any environment, whether it be “in your house, in a stylish bar, in a nightclub, or in a shop.”

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Screenshot: Leonardo Novella/Vimeo

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Screenshot: Leonardo Novella/Vimeo

POVLAMP’s color and light settings are easily controlled by an app, which also has a timer function. And as a final bonus, it’s environmentally friendly — NDF Zurich says POVLAMP is extremely energy efficient (as well as extremely quiet), and has been tested for smooth 24-hour usage.

Interested in adding POVLAMP to your home? It’s not available yet, but according to NDF Zurich’s website it will be soon. We’ll be keeping an eye on future developments, and can’t wait to see which colors and forms buyers will use.

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