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At $750 a month, a new apartment in Seattle’s University District sounds like a great deal. But what do you really get for that price? A 130-square-foot studio with a toilet in the same room as your bed.

The space is one of 23 units squeezed into a 5,640-square-foot congregant housing building on Seventh Avenue. Residents share a kitchen and utilities, and slightly larger studios of up to 200 square feet rent for a cool $1,000 a month.

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Before it became a four-story micro-housing complex, the lot held a single-family home. A company called Oriental Knight Investment Group bought the property last year for $2.8 million. The building was designed to appeal to nearby University of Washington students.

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Seattle was one of the 10 hottest rental housing markets in the US last month, and tiny apartments are a product of those high prices. According to The Seattle Times, thousands of micro-units have emerged in the city since 2009, some with rents as low as $500 a month. That trend is unlikely to continue much longer, as recent regulations have helped slow the growth of micro-housing buildings.

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Since the ad for the Seventh Avenue studio was posted on Zillow, unimpressed Seattleites have taken to the internet to express their thoughts, with one commenter going so far as to call the room a “prison cell.” On the bright side, everything will always be close at hand, and there will be no risk of food contamination even with the open bathroom — after all, the place doesn’t come with its own kitchen.

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