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Prior to the November 8th election, many Americans vowed they would move to Canada if Donald Trump was elected president of the US. Now that it’s happened, it seems many Seattle residents are strongly considering keeping that promise.

Seattle-based real estate database Zillow said it saw a 1,200 percent spike in interest for the search term “Zillow Canada” on Google after the election results came in, reports the The Seattle Times. Washington State and Seattle were among the leading sources of searches.

The average Canadian home costs about $475,000 in Canadian dollars, or $353,000 in US dollars. Home prices in British Columbia, the closest Canadian province to Seattle, are comparable. A home in BC now costs an average of $436,000 in US dollars, while in Vancouver the average is $644,000 in US dollars — though homes are selling for millions in some parts of the city. The average King County home now costs $597,000 (the median is $496,000).

Will BC’s comparable home prices really tempt Seattleites to pack their bags for Canada? Who knows. But at least one real estate agency in the area is prepared. Ahead of the election, Joe Sanchez & Associates, located in Gig Harbor, posted an ad that reads: “Moving to Canada? We’ll sell your house!” There haven’t been any takers yet, but it’s still early days.

We’ve got you covered as well. If you’d rather deal with the desolation of Canadian winters than try to explain President Trump to your children, check out the BuzzBuzzHome guide to moving to Canada.

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