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Deep in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood lives the real, non-fictitious James T. Kirk. Born one month before “Star Trek” first went on the air in 1966, he’s an avid fan of the series who decided to redesign part of his home to look like the bridge of the USS Enterprise.

A neighborhood handyman by trade, Kirk knew he could make the recreation work, and spent about a week in “man hours” piecing it together. Many of the bridge’s components are made with foamcore and Christmas lights, and an impressive elevator mockup even makes an exaggerated “whoosh” noise.

Since the bridge’s completion, Kirk has opened his home up so that local kids — and of course other Trekkies — can explore. He also admits that his tie to “Star Trek” is often recognized when he’s out of the house as well. “I go to pay a water bill or something at the water department and I got the whole crowd there wanting to talk to me,” he told SF Gate. “It’s definitely a good thing.” 

Surprised to see such an unusual house in San Francisco? Don’t be — quirky houses are far from out of place in the Bay Area, which is also home to a “Flintstones House,” the Victorian used in “Mrs. Doubtfire” and the “Full House” house.

If you’d like more details on San Francisco’s very own James T. Kirk, check out his full video interview with SF Gate. Personally we’re curious about whether he has a Scottish Terrier named Scotty.

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