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Sorry, Huey Lewis and the News, but in 2016 it’s no longer “Hip to Be Square.” Bold, geometric shapes like triangles, circles and hexagons are far more compelling. If you’re looking to make a statement with your coffee table, graphic is the way to go. We’ve rounded up eight, budget-friendly pieces that will lend a modern edge to your living room decor.

1. Faceted Metal Coffee Table from World Market, $299.99

world market-compressed


If you live in a small space, using glass or other transparent materials will maintain a sense of visual lightness. This faceted coffee table from World Market commands attention, but doesn’t overwhelm the space.

2. Black & Gold Round Coffee Table from Target, $174.99



Oprah’s a big fan of Nate Berkus, and frankly, so are we. This dark and dramatic coffee table from the designer’s line boasts a sculptural shape and gold accent. The metal base is quite sturdy, and the black glass tabletop gives it an upscale look.

3. Opheile Coffee Table from Urban Outfitters, $289



If your decorating style is minimalist, you’ll love the clean lines of this triangular coffee table. Crafted from durable Rubberwood, it just might be worth adding to your carefully curated space.

4. Mercer Coffee Table from AllModern, $299



A 60’s silhouette with 21st century metallics? That’s what we call retro-modern. At less than $300, this Mercer coffee table is a steal — similar styles often retail for twice as much.

5. Clover Coffee Table from West Elm, $299

west elm-compressed


The varied surface heights of this West Elm coffee table immediately draws the eye. The walnut-finished wood legs appeal to lovers of mid-century, while the brass-finished frame adds a hint of glam.

6. Trivia Coffee Table by EQ3, $249



In geometry, a square is considered a special kind of rectangle. We’ve already labeled squares as inherently unhip, but we’re willing to give this EQ3 coffee table a pass thanks to its angular oak legs.

7. Coffee table from WunderartShop on Etsy, $295



Buying handmade furniture on Etsy is a great way to move on from shopping at IKEA  — you’ll be supporting an independent artist and purchasing a piece that’s truly one-of-a-kind. We love the contrast of this coffee table’s heavy, wooden surface and thin, wiry base.

8. Styles coffee table from Wayfair, $199



Geometric patterns never go out of style, but it seems that hexagons in particular are having a moment. The hex metal base houses a reclaimed wood tabletop with a textured herringbone pattern. If you’ve got the space, pair two of them together for a honeycomb look.

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