These inviting interiors will get you excited about winter.

1. Make the fireplace your focal point in the room.

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2. Install floor-to-ceiling windows to optimize the view.


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3. Embrace chalet-style architectural elements like wood trusses, exposed beams and vaulted ceilings.


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4. A deep soaker tub will soothe sore muscles.


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5. Arrange your furniture around conversation, rather than the television.


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6. Warm up an outdoor space with blankets, candles and sheepskin throws.

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7. Add a few tartan touches.


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8. Taxidermy (whether real or fake) is a ski chalet staple.


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9. An elk antler chandelier is also a must-have.

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10. Decorate with vintage snowshoes and other winter sports equipment.


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11. Create a comfortable space for overnight guests.


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12. Add texture with furry throws and pillows.

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13. Use organic building materials like wood and stone.

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14. Stick to an earth tone color palette.

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15. Thick curtains stop drafts and add visual warmth.


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16. If you have the space, consider an outdoor hot tub.

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17. Integrate antiques into your decor for authenticity.


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18. Build yourself a bar for après ski cocktails.


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19. And finally, keep the lights low to create a truly cozy atmosphere.


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