People have very strong opinions regarding the appropriate time to decorate for the holidays. Some families trim the tree to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album during the second week of November, while others wouldn’t dare to hang their outdoor Christmas lights before December 1st. Regardless of your stance, there’s no shame in getting a head start on holiday preparation.

This year, you might want to plan a trip to IKEA to stock up on their 2016 Winter Holidays collection. It’s chock full of decorations, textiles, accent lighting, and items for cooking and eating. Scroll on for 11 of our favourite festive products.

1. Decoration stand, $34.99

tree stand-min


If you live in a small space, you may not have room for a nine foot balsam fir. We’ve written about Christmas tree alternatives before, but this decoration stand is perfect for those of us who are prone to DIY fails.

2. Gift boxes, $3.49/two pack



Be the king or queen of the cookie swap by bringing these gift boxes to your upcoming holiday bake off. The handles make it easy to carry, while the clear plastic window displays the tasty treats inside.

3. Place card stand, $3.99/two pack

place card-min


Convince your party guests that you’re a proper adult by purchasing a few packs of these glittering place card holders. Since they’re metallic, you could even repurpose them for a New Year’s Eve bash.

4. Cushion cover, $6.99

cushion cover


Why aren’t all cushion covers double sided? IKEA is clearly ahead of the curve on versatility. Whether you prefer the leaf circle or the grey and white stripes, it’s easy to change up the look of your living area with this affordable cover.

5. Door mat, $8.99


ikea door mat


IKEA took their classic jute door mat and painted some decorative stars on it. You can of course, do this yourself for two dollars less, but who has time during the busy holiday season?

6. Unscented candles, $4.99/two pack

pine cones


File these pinecone-shaped candles under ‘festive decor items you didn’t know you needed.’ We’d use them to light up an elegant holiday tablescape.

7. LED light chain, $34.99



We probably don’t need to lecture you on the benefits of using LEDs over dollar store string lights, but these puppies have a battery life of approximately 20,000 hours and are safe for outdoor use.

8. Set of five hanging ornaments, $17.99



If your Christmas collection consists mainly of salt dough ornaments you made as a kid, it may be time to add a few new ones into the rotation. We love the organic shapes and materials used in this set of five.

9. Serving tray, $7.99



If you prefer subtle holiday decorations over inflatable lawn snow globes, this serving tray is the perfect seasonal addition. Like much of this year’s holiday collection, the pattern is inspired by late 19th century Swedish folklore.

10. Decorative wreath, $29.99



Holiday wreaths aren’t just for the front door. Use this ornamental design as a centerpiece, hanging mobile or pillar candle charger.

11. Pendant lamp shade, $23.99

star lamp shade


Lighting is essential to creating a cozy atmosphere. This 100% jute star lamp shade diffuses the light in just the right way, giving off a warm, inviting glow. The STRÅLA cord set is sold separately.

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