SF tiny house exterior Photo: Redfin

Get ready to resist the urge to pinch some hypothetical house cheeks. At 557 square feet, this Outer Sunset bungalow is the tiniest home currently for sale in San Francisco, and with a price tag of $649,000 it’s quite a catch in the city’s heated housing market.

While the home’s exterior looks a little washed out, it’s because the residences that dot the Outer Avenues are constantly overtaken by mist and Karl the Fog. The flip side is that it’s located literally half a block from the Pacific Ocean — the lucky buyer will be able to breathe in the briny air, dodge seagulls and wait in line for Sunday brunch at the renowned Outerlands

SF tiny house bedroom Photo: Redfin

SF tiny house kitchen Photo: Redfin

SF tiny house fireplace Photo: Redfin

Inside, you’ll find the bare necessities: a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room — all small but functional. Step outside, and the backyard patio kills with the unbearable cuteness of being. Steps lead down onto a floor of wood boards, and trees and the sights of the neighborhood are in full view. The new owner could decorate with strings of twinkly lights, too many potted plants and a wooden dining table for entertaining.

SF tiny house backyard Photo: Redfin

SF tiny house back deck Photo: Redfin

Here’s the fine print: the cottage is on the same property as another home, meaning that the buyer will have to pay homeowners’ association fees of about $100 per month. Even so, a home under $1 million in San Francisco will undoubtedly get snatched up, and fast.

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