If you’ve recently had your heart ripped from your chest and shattered into a thousand pieces, maybe it’s time to get away. For spurned lovers eager for an escape there’s a wide selection of remote Washington cabins perfect for looking wistfully out the window, reading poetry and reliving lost relationships.

So pack up your belongings, framed photos and locks of hair, and take refuge in one of these artfully advertised Craigslist cabins.

Charming cabin in the woods, $274,990

washington cabin rare charming

Photo: Craigslist

Nestled between Goat Creek and a manmade stream, this 1930s cabin is close to Crystal Mountain Resort and Mount Rainier National Park — ideal if you’re looking to ski and hike in isolation. The cabin was originally built with cedar bark and log siding, and features a wood-burning fireplace, sleeping lofts and bunk beds. Up to eight people could feasibly sleep here, but you and your existential dread are more than welcome to hide away from the world all on your own.

Classic old-growth forest cabin, $399,000

washington cabin old growth

Photo: Craigslist

Picture yourself smoking a corn cob pipe on this covered log porch. Perhaps a weary traveler passes by in the snow. You consider inviting them in to enjoy a skillet dinner of blood sausage cooked on a stone-encased pellet stove, but don’t. Instead, you go inside to warm your hands on a raised hearth and your feet on a propane furnace. If that and the Elliot Smith playing softly in the background don’t sooth your soul, you can always retreat to the wood shed to contemplate the one that got away.

Hunter’s paradise cabin, $575,000

washington cabin hunters paradise

Photo: Craigslist

If being alone in the forest isn’t enough to heal your broken heart, why not add some friendly animals to the mix? As the listing says, this cabin is a hunter’s paradise where you can see baby deer and enjoy eagle and beaver visitors — instead of hunting them down, let them fill the hole in your life.

Island lot with tiny cabin, $3,900,000

washington cabin island

Photo: Craigslist

If your breakup has left you feeling alone, you might as well take the next step and actually move to a deserted island. This island is private, so even if your ex-lover changes their mind, they won’t be able to come knocking on your door without trespassing. While you sob quietly in your IKEA bed and ride around pensively on your electric golf cart (no cars allowed on the island), you’ll send a strong message to the one who spurned your love — they made a big, BIG mistake.

DIY cabin plans, $49

washington cabin stealth

Photo: Craigslist

The Remote Stealth Cabin is “the marriage” of a treehouse and a wooden tent, but because it’s a DIY venture you’ll have to source materials and build it yourself. While hammering away on this “deep off-grid dwelling solution” you can imagine that one day you’ll have a reunion just like the one between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in “The Notebook” — it wasn’t over … it still isn’t over!

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