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Neon signs get a bad rap. Often associated with beer brands and seedy businesses, their popularity began to fade in the 1970s. Today, the fluorescent lights are making somewhat of a comeback — not atop theatre marquees, but on desktops and living room walls. Keep scrolling for seven brilliant examples of how to decorate with neon lights.

1. LED Curved Sign from Urban Outfitters, $129

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LED lighting is the neon of the 21st century. It consumes less energy, is easier to maintain and won’t leak noxious gasses if dropped on the floor. Make a bold statement with this LED light in a plug-in design from Urban Outfitters.

2. Stay Gold Sign from Neon Mfg., $169.99

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Even if you’ve never bawled your eyes out to the closing scenes of The Outsiders, you can still appreciate the positive message of this hand crafted sign. “Stay gold, Ponyboy….st…stay gold…”

3. Cactus Neon Sign from Wayfair, $79.99

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Look sharp with this cactus sculpture that can be mounted on the wall or displayed on a flat surface. The design features vibrant green neon lights and a yellow flower detail.

4. Unicorn Desktop Neon from Neon Mfg., $99.99

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If you’ve ever been accused of having an overactive imagination, this neon sign is for you. Add a bit of whimsy to your space with a mythical animal head that glows white.

5. Avocado Neon Effect Sign from Etsy, $36.60

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Neon signs can be expensive (expect to shell out around $400 for a custom piece), but Etsy seller ShopPrettyUtopian offers a wide array of “neon effect” designs mounted on reclaimed wood. Plus, they come ready to hang, so there are no messy wires to corral.

6. Bicycle Neon Sign from Wayfair, $82.99

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Struggling to find a gift for that friend who is an avid cyclist? This quirky, multi-colored neon sign might not help them beat their personal best, but it will illuminate their living room.

7. What If Sign from Neon Mfg., $159.99

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Embrace the power of “what if” with this thought-provoking neon sign. Hang it in your home office to get the creative juices flowing.

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