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Caspar Schols may have no formal architectural training, but that didn’t deter him when his mother asked him to build her a backyard hobby space. He put on his thinking cap and got to work, eventually creating “Garden House,” an unusual structure that can transform to fill different needs.

In its most basic shape, “Garden House” appears unassuming. Tucked away by a pond in Schols’ parents’ backyard in the Netherlands city of Eindhoven, it looks just like a regular home, albeit a small one.

transforming house 1

Screenshot: Caspar Schols/YouTube

But because of its design, “Garden House” can be made to look much different with just a few quick adjustments. How? Put simply, the building has two “layers.” Its wooden walls make up the outer layer, and they surround a beam and glass structure that looks like a greenhouse. Both layers part in the middle and sit on runners, meaning that they can easily be rolled into new positions.

Explaining his inspiration, Schols told Dezeen, “I was looking for a design with a lot of flexibility, if possible a design that has the flexibility of clothes. You should be able to get away with changing the layers of the house almost as easily as changing clothes when desired.”

transforming house sun room 1

Screenshot: Caspar Schols/YouTube

transforming house sun room 2

Screenshot: Caspar Schols/YouTube

In total, “Garden House” can be arranged four different ways. As mentioned, it can be made to look like a normal house, with both the outer and inner layers drawn together. Alternatively, in sunny weather, both layers can be pulled apart to create a pavilion — Schols’ mother requested the pavilion option so that her grandchildren could put on theater performances.

The layers can also be arranged so that the outer walls are pulled apart while the inner ones are closed, forming a glass enclosure perfect for looking out onto the pond. Finally, the inner walls of “Garden House” can be pulled out while the outer walls are pushed together. Schols calls that option “dinner party mode” as it creates an enlarged inside space that can hold a 10-meter table big enough for 30 people.

transforming house pavilion 2

Screenshot: Caspar Schols/YouTube

transforming house 2

Screenshot: Caspar Schols/YouTube

Sound confusing? We recommend watching the video above to see “Garden House” in action. It’s a pretty impressive creation for someone without official training as an architect!

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