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To celebrate Halloween this year, we wanted to eat your brains — no, we mean pick your brains with a little brainteaser.

Imagine for a moment you are a real estate agent given the unsavory task of selling a notorious property where unspeakable acts have occurred. What favorable selling points will you mention? Will you gloss over the property’s notorious past or embrace it?

Read below and see how well we did. See if you can name the “houses” from famous horror movies from our realtor’s sales pitch. Just one tip — “house” doesn’t always refer to a building with four walls and a roof!

13. Charming tudor-style in California

Located in sunny California, this utterly charming two-story Tudor-inspired home has everything a growing family could want — 3 bedrooms, spacious living room, great television reception, plenty of deep closets, and room for a pool. Great neighbors, great neighborhood. This phase one development in Cuesta Verde won’t last.

12. Lovely 3-bedroom with a red door

Although the neighborhood was made famous by the kidnappings a few years back, that’s now just a small footnote in Springwood’s past. This beautiful 3-bedroom home is perfect for families, or single moms raising a quirky teenager. The furnace has recently been replaced, and the bars on the windows ensure that no one is getting into your home. Or out, for that matter.

11. A whale of a fixer-upper


Photo: Ryan Somma/Flickr

She doesn’t look like much, but she has her sea legs. The transistor radio will need to be replaced, and the engine recently caught fire. Some signs of water damage in the main cabin, but nothing a fresh coat of paint won’t cover up. Also features plenty of room to cart barrells, should you need them.

10. Kooky house on former Cemetery Lane

This incredible mansion could be a museum of… oddities. It was built in 1888, and comes fully furnished. There are all kinds of… things roaming about. You’ll find an antique train set that still works in the parlor, rare plants blooming in the conservatory, and a unique playroom. Snap you fingers and this mansion will disappear.

9. Incredible Seattle Victorian, former home of political family

A famous political family once called this incredible old Victorian-era house their home. Bathtubs are incredibly deep and the attic could be converted into a living space. Despite the many flights of stairs, it is wheelchair accessible. Plenty of space to play ball or practice piano. The living room has a great table for seances.

8. Lovely rental with a stunning view

Georgetown Prospect Avenue

Photo: Mike Maguire/Flickr

A famous Hollywood actress once rented this lovely Georgetown home on Prospect Street while filming on location in DC. Although there were rumors that the director of that film died in the home, they were untrue. Burke Dennings, a reputed alcoholic, died as a result of fall down the steps leading to M Street. The rental is rat free, has new windows and fresh paint in the secondary bedroom, and new carpeting on the main staircase and in the living room. Whatever would possess you to pass on this incredible property at an incredible price?

7. Scenic Rhode Island Farmhouse

Scenic property in Harrisville, situated on 200 acres. The site of one of the area’s original plantations, the farmhouse itself is in need of some fixing, but it is an ideal home to raise five daughters. The barn’s rafters are an ideal location to hang… stuff. Clocks have been known to stop at 3:07am, but it’s just due to old wiring.

6. Off-season work available at Rocky Mountain resort

Photo: Robert Clark

Caretaker needed for 420-room resort. Ideal opportunity for a family. Make your own schedule. Flexible hours. Good position for a writer. Pesky boiler. Two rooms should be avoided, just to be safe — 217 and 237. The hedges have a personality of their own, almost lifelike, but will need regular maintenance.

5. Forgotten house with charming fruit cellar in California

A new highway bypassed this now forgotten roadside gem. Perfect for those looking to find their own private island or running away from money troubles. The house sits atop a rustic 12 cabin former motel. The bathroom in cabin one was recently redone. The main house is spacious and cozy. Perfect for single moms and their over-adoring boys.

4. Former home of Depression-era hitman in Maine

This lovely home has sat abandoned for too many years. It was built by mobster “Hubie” Marsten, and made infamous by the murder suicide that occurred in the house. A former local resident, now a novelist, was said to be working on a book about the house before he disappeared. The house will definitely need some TLC and the cellar has a peculiar smell emanating from it. You’ll enjoy this house. And it will enjoy you. Being sold “as is.”

3. So much space, no one would ever hear you scream

Giger Shower stall

Photo: PhotoAtelier/Flickr

This $42 million dollar property was once owned by the famous Weyland “company.” It is a state of the art “smart home” with the latest MOTHER artificial intelligence with full voice recognition. Sleeps seven comfortably. Modern infirmary. Giger-inspired design, some might find alien.

2. Reduced: 3.5-bedroom Sleepy Dutch colonial

Prospective homebuyers should have high hopes when visiting this marvelous colonial on Ocean Avenue. Sleepy Long Island family-centric community. Spacious attic and cellar. Boathouse. Plenty of yard space for a medium breed dog or a football toss.

1. Exclusive listing: Illinois 3-bedroom in need of repair

This cozy 3-bedroom home has been empty for 15 years. And while local historian Lonnie Lamb says “awful stuff happened here once,” most locals agree the Charlie Bowles incident eclipses their own town’s shape of evil. Bedrooms offer a bird’s eye view of the front lawn, perfect for stalking. The community itself is made up of rows and rows of families. The home is located a short walk from the hardware store and bustling Russellville is a short drive away. Formerly listed with Strode Realty.

How did you do? Could you name all 13 infamous horror movies and their houses? The answers, out of order, are below:


6. The Overlook Hotel, “The Shining”
9. The former Carmichael family home in “The Changeling”
4. The Marsden House, “‘Salem’s Lot”
10. The home of “The Addams Family”
13. The Freeling residence in “Poltergeist”
3. The Nostromo from “Alien”
12. The home of Nancy Thompson in “A Nightmare on Elm Street”
7. The Perron family home featured in “The Conjuring”
11. The Orca from “Jaws”
1. The Myers house from “Halloween”
8. 3600 Prospect Street in “The Exorcist”
2. High Hopes, “The Amityville Horror” house
5. The Bates Motel from “Psycho”

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