These forgotten sites are hauntingly beautiful.

1. This former slaughter house in Mesquite, Texas.

slaughter house-compressed

machinery-compressed Photos: imgur

2. This rusted Volkswagen Kombi van in Durmitor, Montenegro.

VW van-compressed Photo: imgur

3. This decrepit cinema in Bucharest, Romania.

romania-compressed Photo: imgur

4. This abandoned outlet mall in Barstow, California where there are no deals to be found.

mall california-compressed Photo: Reddit

5. This family home in Luxembourg that has gone untouched for years.

bedroom-compressed Photo: Reddit

Take a video tour of the abandoned house here.

6. This convent in Lyon, France that has been reclaimed by nature.

convent-compressed Photo: Reddit

7. This abandoned cabin in the woods that’s littered with creepy dolls.

cabin in the woods-compressed
cabin woods-compressed Photos: imgur

8. This eerie high school theater in southeast Kentucky.

high school theatre-compressed Photo: Reddit

9. This bird’seye view of an abandoned prison in Rummu, Estonia.

prison estonia-compressed Photo: Reddit

10. This dilapidated shopping mall in Akron, Ohio.

rolling acres-compressed Photo: Reddit

11. This township schoolhouse overlooking the Bakken Oil Fields in North Dakota.

school house-compressed Photo: Reddit

12. This empty ranch house in Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park.

ranch house-compressed Photo: imgur

13. This overgrown putt putt golf course in western Kentucky.

put put golf-compressed Photo: imgur

14. This former highway bridge in New Mexico that looks like something out of a zombie film.

bridge-compressed Photo: imgur

15. This abandoned church in the fog, as seen in Kampot, Cambodia.

church in fog-compressed Photo: imgur

16. This frightening manor house at the Shining Cliffs, Derbyshire, England.

manor house-compressed Photo: imgur

17. This nightmarish staircase in an abandoned public building in Germany’s Ruhr Valley.

staircase-compressed Photo: imgur

18. This weathered entrance to a Victorian courtroom in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

court house-compressed Photo: imgur

19. This former mining town in Colorado that was abandoned due to toxic pollutants and contaminated ground water.

gilman colorado-compressed (1) Photo: Reddit

20. This graffitied cement factory in the town of Concrete, Washington.

cement factory-compressed Photo: imgur

21. This decaying asylum in the woods of eastern Belgium.

hospital-compressed Photo: Reddit

22. And this horrifying abandoned Naval Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina.

South Carolina Photo: imgur

23. This former mill on a mining complex in Leadville, Colorado that was built in 1890.

mill-compressed Photo: Reddit

24. This corroding control room in an abandoned power plant in Belgium.

powerplant-compressed Photo: Reddit

Watch the video tour here.

25. This fissured road in Centralia, Pennsylvania, where a mine fire has been burning underground for more than 50 years.

centrilia-compressed Photo: imgur

26. This ghostly school gymnasium near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

school gym-compressed Photo: Reddit

27. This leaning cabin at Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé National Park in Quebec.

leaning house-compressed Photo: imgur

28. This foyer of a mansion in Munich, Germany that was formerly owned by the boss of a chocolate factory.

wonka mansion-compressed Photo: imgur

29. This neglected general store in Dadeville, Alabama.

general store-compressed Photo: imgur

30. This soon-to-be-demolished appliance factory in Mansfield, Ohio.

boiler house-compressed

boiler house 2-compressed Photos: imgur

31. And finally, this gorgeous abandoned villa in Savigliano, Italy that we’d love to explore.

villa italy-compressed Photo: Reddit

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