Come in and cozy up!

1. This wood burning kitchen fireplace that harkens back to the old days.

fireplace kitchen-min Photo: imgur

2. This suspended fireplace that creates an indoor-outdoor connection.

fireplace-min Photo: imgur

3. This grand stone fireplace in a converted tobacco barn.

stone fireplace-min Photo: imgur

4. Or this central fireplace with a staircase wrapped around it.

spiral fireplace-min Photo: imgur

5. This three-sided fireplace in an eclectic living room.

living room cut-out-min Photo: imgur

6. This black and white beauty in a home outside of Munich, Germany.

modern fireplace-min Photo: imgur

7. This stone fireplace that contrasts with a brick feature wall.

brick and stone-min Photo: imgur

 8. This incredible Mezzofocus fireplace in a designer’s workshop.

mezzo-min Photo: imgur

9. This weathered fireplace in a traditional New England home.

weathered-min Photo: imgur

10. This well-styled concrete fireplace with functional wood storage.

well-styled-min Photo: tumblr

11. And this unique round fireplace in a Pueblo style home.

round fireplace-min Photo: imgur

12. This asymmetrical fireplace with a hint of marble.

modern living space-min Photo: imgur

13. This textured fireplace in a colorful beach cottage.

colorful-min Photo: Reddit

14. This marble-clad fireplace that doubles as a work of art.

art-min Photo: imgur

15. This modern fireplace that’s also a projector screen.

projector tv-min Photo: imgur

16. This painted brick fireplace with rustic decor accents.

painted fireplace-min Photo: imgur

17. This curvaceous fireplace in the study of a historic Stockholm residence.

study fireplace-min Photo: imgur

18. This oversized open fireplace in an Istanbul loft.

open fireplace-min Photo: imgur

19. This industrial-style fireplace in a Montana mountain home.

metal-min Photo: Reddit

20. This custom fireplace in the den of a Scottish Revival house.

scottish den-min Photo: imgur

21. Or this Madison Avenue kitchen with a Victorian fireplace.

madison ave-min Photo: imgur

22. This farmhouse fireplace that warms an enclosed porch.

farmhouse-min Photo: imgur

23. This stunning steel fireplace in a studio house near Barcelona.

plywood-min Photo: imgur

24. This dangerously cool open fire pit in a living room with high ceilings.

indoor fire pit-min Photo: imgur

25. And finally, this triangular suspended fireplace that creates an unexpected focal point.

triangular floating-min Photo: imgur

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