Who cares how the food tastes if your table setting is on point?

1. This colorful arrangement of Jack Be Little pumpkins.

mini pumpkins Photo: casadeperrin/Instagram

2. This simple yet sophisticated place setting.

feather Photo: joannagcarden/Instagram

3. This expert use of ornamental cabbage.

cabbage Photo: closetprincess_com/Instagram

4. This southwest-inspired tablescape with mixed metals.

southwest Photo: cherishandbestow/Instagram

5. These woven chargers that add height and texture.

chargers Photo: flintlock.lab/Instagram

6. This traditionally set table with a beautiful centerpiece.

traditional Photo: marigolddesign/Instagram

7. This unexpected fall color palette.

pink and purple Photo: smpliving/Instagram

8. And this adorable acorn place card.

acorn Photo: papercase.studio/Instagram

9. This rustic arrangement that brings the outdoors in.

rustic Photo: kimpowerstyle/Instagram

10. This easy-to-put-together tablescape with plaid and pomegranates.

plaid Photo: natyouraveragegirl/Instagram

11. This perfect example of mixing and matching dinnerware.

mix and match Photo: juliskaofficial/Instagram

12. This outdoor setting with a bit of California cool.

california Photo: bash_eventco/Instagram

13. This exercise in fancy napkin folding.

napkins Photo: vanessaxcamille/Instagram

14. This earthy terrarium centerpiece.

terrarium Photo: mlindsayshuptar/Instagram

15. This warm and cozy farmhouse table with a sheepskin throw.

sheepskin throw Photo: cityfarmhouse1/Instagram

16. This show stopping patterned tablecloth.

tablecloth Photo: ruemagazine/Instagram

17. This charming combination of eucalyptus and wheat.

wheat Photo: casadeperrin/Instagram

18. Or these creative candle holders carved from apples.

apple candles Photo: dearlillie/Instagram

19. This glittering table runner that adds plenty of glam.

sparkling Photo: shoedazzle/Instagram

20. This artful arrangement of deer antlers.

antlers Photo: casinellahome/Instagram

21. This eye-catching black, white and gold layering.

black and gold Photo: the_citizenry/Instagram

22. This dinner napkin directed at your crazy (but lovable) family.

napkin Photo: driftwoodgypsy/Instagram

23. And finally, this paper placemat that allows for both doodling and reflecting.

paper placemat Photo: 100_layercake/Instagram

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