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A 330-unit development in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood was approved last week after years of delays. Known as the “Beast on Bryant,” the project is nearly a block long and has faced opposition from residents concerned about gentrification. But last week, the city’s Board of Appeals overturned the final appeal against it in a 5-0 vote. The “beast” will get built.

The complex will sprawl from 2000 Bryant Street to 2070 Bryant Street, and will feature two buildings separated by a 25-foot-wide public alleyway. One 194-unit building consisting of mostly market-rate housing will be built by developer Nick Podell Company; the other 136-unit building will be built by the city for an estimated $30 million, and will have housing priced below market rate.

For those keeping count, that means 41 percent of homes in the development will be priced below market rate. Originally, Nick Podell Company had pitched only market-rate housing, but as delays piled up it gave part of its land package to the city to use for below-market-rate units. The market-rate building has an estimated completion date of 2019, but there’s currently no timeline for the completion of the below-market-rate building.

Until it’s built, there’s time for Mission locals to figure out if they qualify for below-market-rate housing. The Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development explains that most new units under market rate “will be priced to be affordable to households earning no more than 90% of area median income.” Area median income is also called AMI, and this handy chart explains whether or not your household qualifies. For example, if you have a household of four, then your annual income must be equal to or less than $91,700.

More details on how to qualify are available here. Construction on the Nick Podell Company’s market-rate building may start within the next six months.

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