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The City of Oakland has a huge backlog when it comes to infrastructure improvements — $450 million worth of work, to be exact.

To address the issue, Measure KK will be on the ballot in the city’s November general election. Formerly known as the Infrastructure Bond, or the I Bond, Measure KK “will ask voters to decide if Oakland should invest up to $600 million in safe streets and sidewalks, city facilities, and anti-displacement and housing efforts.” A majority of two-thirds will be necessary for a win.

While that may sound positive, some Oakland residents are concerned. Homeowners will be paying for the improvements, and some are worried that they will not see their money put to use where they live. The City of Oakland has so far offered no guarantees.

Even so, Measure KK has plenty of backers, many of whom have suggested that given Oakland’s booming real estate market, now is the ideal time for the measure to pass. Unsurprisingly, Christopher Kidd, Oakland’s senior transportation planner, is in full support of Measure KK:

The total list of improvements, taken from the City of Oakland’s website, is below:

Streets and sidewalks

  • Repave streets and eliminate potholes
  • Repair sidewalks
  • Increase bicycle and pedestrian safety
  • Improve the quality of our sidewalks (benches, street trees)
  • Make accessibility upgrades for people with disabilities

City facilities:

  • Upgrade and repair our libraries
  • Improve our parks, fields and recreational facilities
  • Upgrade our police facilities to improve crime fighting
  • Invest in green energy and seismic improvements

Anti-displacement and housing: 

  • Protect long-term Oakland residents so they can stay in Oakland in safe, high quality and affordable housing
  • Acquire and rehabilitate housing for our vulnerable communities, including seniors, people with disabilities and veterans

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