Penn Station overhaul 1 Photo: Governor’s Office

Almost as though he was trying to outdo last week’s much talked about reveal of the five potential redevelopment plans for the Port Authority bus terminal, yesterday New York Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled renderings of the proposed $3 billion Penn Station overhaul. The dazzling 111-slide presentation left little to the imagination, and even managed a few subtle digs at Cuomo’s bitter nemesis, Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The pair have been feuding incessantly over just about anything since they were forced together. Their extraordinary political rivalry eclipses even the famous rift between Cuomo’s father — former New York Governor Mario Cuomo — and former Mayor Ed Koch in the 1980s.

Cuomo’s presentation blasted the state of the current facility, calling it “over-crowded and decrepit.” It went on further, describing it is an “affront to every rider forced to used it.” In a possible dig to the mayor, Penn Station and New York’s LaGuardia Airport are vehemently criticized as being very “un-New York.”

The redesigned Penn Station includes a complete renovation of Moynihan Train Hall, located inside the James A. Farley Post Office building across the street. According to the plans, the new Moynihan Train Hall will include the head offices for both Amtrak and the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) as well as 700,000 square feet of both retail and office space.

The new and improved Moynihan Train Hall would be transformed into a “world class train hall” with a balcony level for dining and shopping and feature 10-story high glass ceiling arches. The redesigned main terminal at Penn Station would continue to house existing both Amtrak and LIRR tracks, and two underground MTA train stations.

Check out Cuomo’s vision for the future Penn Station and Moynihan Train Hall below, estimated to be completed by 2020 if all goes according to plan:

Moynihan renovation 5 Photo: Governor’s Office

Moynihan renovation 2 Photo: Governor’s Office

Moynihan renovation 3 Photo: Governor’s Office

Moynihan renovation 4 Photo: Governor’s Office

Penn Station overhaul 3 Photo: Governor’s Office

Penn Station overhaul 2 Photo: Governor’s Office

Penn Station overhaul 5 Photo: Governor’s Office

Penn Station overhaul 4 Photo: Governor’s Office

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