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Hosting a Thanksgiving celebration can be expensive. After shopping for a turkey, side dishes and copious amounts of wine, the budget for holiday decor may be dwindling. Thankfully, there are plenty of wallet-friendly ways to create a cozy and festive atmosphere. We’ve rounded up ten Thanksgiving decor accents, all priced under $30, that will surely impress your guests.

1. Throw pillow cover from Society6, $20

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This polyester poplin cover is an easy way to change up the look of your throw pillows. The watercolor-inspired print is double-sided, and its message serves as a visual reminder to be grateful this holiday season.

2. Antler Coir Doormat from West Elm, $29

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Add a rustic touch to your entryway with this woven doormat. The antler craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so you’ll be wiping your boots on this mat through the winter.

3. Raw edge wood tray from Target, $21.24

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Trays are incredibly versatile — you can use them for serving appetizers, staging a vignette, or as a stylish mini-bar. The contrast of the textured, raw edge wood against the smooth metal handles is inherently autumnal.

4. Dried wheat stack bundle from Crate & Barrel, $19.95

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Even if you live in the city, you can still achieve a farmhouse look with a bundle of dried wheat. Bunch a few stalks together with embroidery floss to give your tablescape a punch of color.

5. Printed kitchen towel from Target, $3.50

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Pie lovers and Devo fans alike will appreciate this printed kitchen towel from Target. “When a problem comes along, you must whip it,” might be just the motivation you need to get that 15 pound bird out of the oven and onto the table.

6. Happy Thanksgiving garland from World Market, $9.99

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Who has time to DIY when you’re expecting a crowd on Thanksgiving? This burlap garland features stencilled letters and a double strand of jute rope — it’ll look great hanging from the fireplace mantle.

7. Branch-shaped candlestick from H&M Home, $19.99

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Low-lighting is known to increase appetite, so why not illuminate your feast with pillar candles? Pin them to these branch-shaped candlesticks for a look that’s au naturel.

8. RÖRD decoration (set of 3) from IKEA, $14.99



How adorable are these little critters? Add a bit of whimsy to your home’s decor with a figurine squirrel, rabbit and bear. They certainly won’t judge you if you burn the sweet potato casserole.

9. All About That Baste printable from Etsy, $5

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That Meghan Trainor song is stuck in your head now, isn’t it? This punbelievable printable is available for digital download immediately after you purchase it. It’ll look far better on your gallery wall than a handprint turkey.

10. Metallic Leaf Wreath from Michaels, $24.99

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Michaels is like your over enthusiastic aunt whose home looks like you just walked into a pumpkin patch. They have literally everything you need for seasonal decorating. Wreaths can be fairly expensive, but this shimmering metallic find from Ashland will increase your home’s curb appeal for under $25.

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