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The Millennium Tower is sinking, and according to two members of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, the city itself could be to blame. Aaron Peskin and Jane Kim believe the evidence lies in an official document that shows the city’s Department of Building Inspection knew about the issue seven years ago. Last week, they called for an investigation of the city’s role in approving the building.

“The Board of Supervisors has a duty and obligation to get to the bottom of this,” The San Francisco Business Times quotes Peskin as saying. “I believe and I know this is a very serious allegation … that there was some level of political interference with the day-to-day duties of the individuals who are charged with making sure that buildings is this seismically prone area that we live in were not allowed to do their job.”

Developer Millennium Partners and the Transbay Joint Powers Association (TJPA) have been named in a lawsuit fronted by Millennium Tower homeowners, but both have insisted that they are not at fault. Last week’s comments from Peskin and Kim prompted a fresh round of denials, with the TJPA issuing a press release saying that “[r]eports that the TJPA agreed to withhold data showing the tilt and excessive settlement of the Millennium Tower are incorrect.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Millennium Partners said that suggesting his firm “asked for or received any inappropriate treatment by city agencies … is simply outrageous.”

Millennium Towers is known for its opulence, and was previously named one of Worth Magazine’s top residential buildings in the world. Its penthouse unit was on the market earlier this year for $9 million, but condos in the building are now facing devaluation. Peskin will reportedly be starting investigative hearings on the issue this week. 

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