You’ll *fall* in love with these creative displays.

1. Decorate with seasonal flowers and foliage.

wreath Photo: cambridgehomecompany/Instagram

2. Vintage pieces lend authenticity to a farmhouse style front porch.

vintage Photo: bella_loves_vintage/Instagram

3. Add throw pillows for warmth and texture.

throw pillows Photo: nestingblissfullyinteriors/Instagram

4. Use crates to give visual height to your accessories.

crates Photo: welshdesignstudio/Instagram

5. Cinderella Pumpkins come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

cinderella pumpkins Photo: southernswagfarmhouse/Instagram

6. Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns.

power clashing Photo: amyspearinginteriors/Instagram

7. Freshen up your front door with a new paint color.

front door Photo: marieshomeandgarden/Instagram

8. Put an old pair of boots to good use by filling them with cotton stems.

boots Photo: thebungalowonbennett/Instagram

9. Dried corn is colorful and festive.

dried corn Photo: kaciedealephotography/Instagram

10. Lanterns with LED candles give off a warm, inviting glow.

lanterns Photo: ashleyalt2/Instagram

11. Tie corn stalks to columns with burlap ribbon.

corn stalks Photo: kedrachalendesign/Instagram

12. Turn a rusty old wagon into a container garden.

wagon garden Photo: weatheredperfections/Instagram

13. Buy or DIY a seasonal doormat.

cozy up Photo: dlynn1019/Instagram

14. Personalize your space with a chalkboard sign.

chalkboard Photo: sometimescreative/Instagram

15. Use a vintage ladder to display decorative objects.

vintage ladder Photo: yellowprairieinteriors/Instagram

16. Use unexpected pieces of furniture, such as a bar cart.

bar cart Photo: jennycookies/Instagram

17. Craft a simple burlap bunting.

bunting Photo: grayhousestudio/Instagram

18. Experiment with ornamental cabbage.

cabbage Photo: atthepicketfence/Instagram

19. Create symmetry with matching Adirondack chairs.

symmetry Photo: thoughtsfromalice/Instagram

20. Use a bench and an outdoor rug to establish a seating area.

seating area Photo: thislittlehomeofours/Instagram

21. Arrange birch branches in a woven basket.

birch branches Photo: aprettylife/Instagram

22. Use an upcycled window as the backdrop for a vignette.

upcycled window Photo: paintmetwice/Instagram

23. Add festive flair with bales of hay.

hay Photo: laurakristinemoss/Instagram

24. Adorn your front porch with mutant squash (the weirder the better).

gourds Photo: weatheredperfections/Instagram

25. Or lighten things up with white pumpkins.

white pumpkins Photo: thehouseofsilverlining/Instagram

26. Play around with plaid.

plaid Photo: theglamfarmhouse/Instagram

27. Break away from traditional fall color schemes.

black and white Photo: twelve.on.main/Instagram

28. Give life to thrift store finds with a few coats of spray paint.

thrift finds Photo: maple.hill.home/Instagram

29. And finally, leave a bit of space for the arrival of Halloween decor.

halloween Photo: thegracefullilly/Instagram

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