new york centerpiece staircases Rendering: Forbes Massie/Heatherwick Studio

Architects at London’s Heatherwick Studio have been busy designing a new landmark for Manhattan’s huge Hudson Yards development, and on September 14th, they finally revealed their offering. Called “Vessel,” the towering hive-like structure will feature a mile’s worth of pathways spread across 154 interconnected flights of stairs.

The structure was commissioned by billionaire Stephen M. Ross, chairman and founder of Related Companies, one of the two developers involved in Hudson Yards, and its other measurements are equally impressive. Aside from its many flights of stairs, it will have 80 landings, stand 150 feet high and weigh 600 tons. Its price tag? A whopping $150 million — twice the initial $75 million estimate.

new york centerpiece interior Rendering: Forbes Massie/Heatherwick Studio

Unsurprisingly, some New Yorkers already have reservations about the structure. While Ross, who kept the project secret for years, hopes it will become the city’s Eiffel Tower or St. Louis Gateway Arch, Public Art Fund President Susan K. Freedman told The New York Times that while she “admire[s] the ambition,” she’s worried about traffic control. “Vessel” will be close to High Line, another popular attraction, and together she thinks the two could cause congestion.

Similarly, New York Mayor Mayor Bill de Blasio has said he sees the installation being “debated and discussed and looked at from every angle.”

new york centerpiece exterior Rendering: Forbes Massie/Heatherwick Studio

Heatherwick Studio and founder Thomas Heatherwick, known for designing the flaming cauldron that symbolized the 2012 Olympics, are less concerned. Speaking to designboom, Heatherwick explained that he sees the project as “a platform for New York to use and to do what it wants with” and believes that it shows “humans can do unusual things.”

He thinks interesting structures like “Vessel” are important today as so many buildings look the same. “Even when buildings are a bit different, the forces that drive retail, that drive residential, and the mix of things that come together to make any new development, are now pretty similar,” he said.

On a more playful note, Heatherwick told Fortune, “New York has a fitness thing. I was amazed that Ross climbs hundreds of stairs once a week to his apartment in the Time Warner Center. The idea was to make a vessel of stairs and landings, and create gathering points on the way up.” We think crowds may make it tough to incorporate “Vessel” into an exercise regime, but you never know.

Video: Hudson Yards/YouTube

The painted steel frame for “Vessel” is now under construction in Italy, and completion is scheduled for August 2018. Hudson Yards as a whole will take much longer to finish — understandable considering it will be New York City’s largest development since Rockefeller Center was built in the 1930s. While some elements are already up and running, the entire development has an estimated completion date of 2025.

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