Winter is coming.

1. Install a dimmer on your light switch.

light Photo: siennaswardrobe/Instagram

2. Buy a mattress topper.

mattress cover Photo: sleeplikeaking/Instagram

3. …and a down feather comforter while you’re at it.

comforter Photo: hoteltonight/Instagram

4. Layer on a chunky knit throw blanket.

chunky knit Photo: kerryann_stylist/Instagram

5. Select textiles in neutral hues.

neutral textiles Photo: ezgipolat/Instagram

6. Try a washable linen duvet cover.

linen duvet Photo: bymolle/Instagram

7. Select plants that will improve air quality.

plants Photo: erikaappelstrom/Instagram

8. Create ambiance with candlelight, whether it be real or fake.

candles Photo: soul.makes/Instagram

9. Curtains will curtail drafts and add privacy.

curtains Photo: molliemakes/Instagram

10. Seek out rich textures, like wood, faux fur and velvet.

stikwood Photo: stikwooddesign/Instagram

11. Dark paint colors can be cozy, too.

dark paint Photo: historiskahem/Instagram

12. Utilize nooks and alcoves.

nook Photo: calicocorners/Instagram

13. Cocoon your bed with a canopy.

canopy Photo: lenaterlutter/Instagram

14. Build yourself a reading corner.

reading nook Photo: miarosechae/Instagram

15. Throw down a rug (or two).

rugs Photo: olivianicolesilk/Instagram

16. Hang string lights.

string lights Photo: hopeammen/Instagram

17. Buy or DIY an upholstered headboard.

headboard Photo: norsuinteriors/Instagram

18. Display artwork that you truly love.

art Photo: molliemakes/Instagram

19. Install a reading light next to the bed.

reading light Photo: thesimplyinspiredblog/Instagram

20. Use a projector, rather than a laptop for Netflix binge-watching.

projector Photo: coachmojo_gw/Instagram

21. Keep your favorite books close at hand.

books Photo:

22. Personalize your space by integrating antiques, collectibles or family heirlooms.

vintage-y Photo: essielanefarm/Instagram

23. Add in natural elements, like fresh flowers, branches or crystals.

flowers Photo: nataliewalton/Instagram

24. Consider the foot of your bed.

furry bench Photo: studiomcgee/Instagram

25. And finally, hang up a sign to encourage hibernation.

stay in bed Photo: matildaklerfors/Instagram

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