Laundry is a never-ending nightmare. You might as well try to make the experience more enjoyable.

1. This farmhouse-style laundry room with charming copper pipes.

farmhouse laundry Photo: vintagewhites/Instagram

2. This tucked-away laundry area that doesn’t skimp on decor accents.

laundry closet Photo: inspire_me_home_decor/Instagram

3. This multi-purpose laundry room with a pet washing station.

dog area Photo: bronziedesignbuild/Instagram

4. And this laundry room where tile is a graphic focal point.

tile laundry room Photo: ccarterdesignstudio/Instagram

5. This mostly neutral laundry room with bright pops of color.

pops of colour Photo: lisacanning/Instagram

6. This door sign that subtly reminds the kids to do their chores.

door sign Photo: olivewoodlane/Instagram

7. This small laundry closet with bold print wallpaper.

wallpaper Photo: zekeruelas/Instagram

8. This sparkling clean laundry room with a farmhouse sink.

apron sinks Photo: vivietmargot/Instagram

9. Or this vibrant space with Moroccan-inspired tiles and painted cabinets.

painted cabinets Photo: laurenalforddesign/Instagram

10. This positively pink laundry room with curtains to hide not-so-cute detergent bottles.

curtains Photo: bloggaibagis/Instagram

11. This organized oasis with a hint of greenery.

b+w Photo: jkedesignas/Instagram

12. This compact laundry area that recognizes the importance of good lighting.

lighting Photo: ladecodecharline/Instagram

13. This subway-tiled laundry room with stylish, woven baskets.

laundry baskets Photo: jennasuedesign/Instagram

14. This laundry room with a floral feature wall (that we wish was fragrant).

floral Photo: apartmentality/Instagram

15. This boho laundry room with a DIY waterfall edge countertop.

decor accents Photo: vintagerevivals/Instagram

16. And this kid-friendly space with a chalkboard wall.

chalkboard wall Photo: cavinessandcates/Instagram

17. This ultra-chic laundry room with leather drawer pulls.

drawer pulls Photo: byggreisdeg/Instagram

18. Or this minimal laundry room with plenty of counter space.

countertop Photo: valkommentillvillaeden/Instagram

19. And finally, this bathroom/laundry room hybrid that allows you to soak in the tub while the washing machine spins.

bath Photo: dragongatan19/Instagram

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