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Summers in New York City have the notorious reputation of being a challenging experience, to say the least — hot, sticky, and wet. A cloud of impermeable thick, heavy air seems to follow you everywhere, and smells… funky, very funky.

New Yorkers have grown painfully accustomed to melting into a puddle of sweat merely standing motionless waiting for their train to arrive in stations where its not unusual for the temperature to feel almost as blisteringly high as street-level temps.

Sometimes the only relief from the oppressive hellish heat is a short ride on a nice, cool, air-conditioned subway car. Unless, of course,  you’re “lucky” enough to have stepped onto one of the MTA’s many subway cars with a broken HVAC system, or even worse — that has the heat cranking at February levels on the Fourth of July.

Summer 2016 was so bad for overheated straphangers that the MTA launched a Twitter account just for subway riders to report subway cars that had no air conditioning. The results were, not surprisingly in very New York fashion, often side-splittingly funny.

As summer 2016 comes to an end, we took a quick look back at some of the more memorable tweets from exasperated New York City straphangers dealing with hot train cars and spotty service:

1. Great advice:

2. Boom! Summed up in 36 characters:

3. Putting the MTA on the spot:

4. Time traveling Tweet:

5. Time traveling Tweet 2 with more polyester:

6. Questionable spending, MTA:

7. Vivid imagery:

8. And then his happened:

9. When you’re lucky enough to find the subway air conditioned:

10. I brought my own, in case you didn’t believe me:

11. Questionable food choice, for sure:

12. New York City optimism:

13. Downward facing dog:

14. More down dog:

15. Dante’s subway car:

16. No words needed:

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