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Teleport wants to help you explore the world, and not just virtually. Billed by the developers as “software for people on the move,” Teleport analyzes multiple data sources — like Census information, salary, and quality-of-life data — to help users figure out the best city for them based on their search parameters, and then help them get there.

Co-founders Sten Tamkivi and Silver Keskkula first recognized the need for Teleport during their stints at Skype, where they were constantly moving and encountering all the common problems, like finding an affordable place to live that was close to work.

In its early stages, Teleport focused on mobile knowledge workers, helping them figure out where they should be living and working, and getting them there more easily. As Teleport has evolved since its launch in April 2015 as a mobile app and later as a desktop search site, it has expanded to allow searches in over 50 common job markets, from nursing to IT technician, in over 250 cities worldwide.

Beyond giving users the ability to search and compare salary, housing costs, commuting costs, Teleport allows comparisons of more mundane details like the price of a movie ticket to the number of hours of sunshine a city offers.
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Once users have found their ideal city, Teleport Zen takes over and assists with the move. Zen builds a checklist to keep users on track for a smooth move. It will suggest resources if you are planning to move without a job already in place and users can “ask a local” to get accurate answers to their questions.

For users contemplating moving to either New York City or San Francisco, Teleport has one more feature, one that aims to be both a time saver and money saver.

By telling Teleport where you will be working, it suggests areas to live nearby broken down by how much the average rents are, how readily available housing is and how long your commute to work would be and the time you’d save per year. Users can refine the search based on apartment size, rental cost and desired commute.

According to the company blog, the Teleport team is in favor of fewer borders and the free movement of people and talent. “We live our own products and do remote work as a globally distributed team,” says Tamkivi. Teleport currently has over a dozen employees spread across 5 countries living the “multi-city lifestyle,” as they refer to it.

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