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Creating the perfect backyard setup can be tough — even once you’ve gotten the landscaping right and selected great furniture, you still have to choose the best accessories.

Fortunately there’s now a way to combine those first two tasks. With its recently launched Kickstarter campaign, Italy’s Studio Nucleo is looking to bring grass-covered TERRA! furniture to the masses. Pieces range from a small cushion all the way up to a sofa big enough to seat three people, but the most popular is a basic armchair.

studio nucleo chair 1 Screenshot: Studio Nucleo

The TERRA! concept is simple, if unusual. Assemble Studio Nucleo’s laser-cut cardboard furniture frames, cover them with soil and grass seeds and then … wait. After 10 days, grass will begin to sprout, and you’ll be well on your way to backyard lounging. Just like a giant Chia Pet, all the furniture will need after that point is a little regular trimming.

studio nucleo chair 2 Screenshot: Studio Nucleo

The current TERRA! furniture frames improve on those originally sold by Studio Nucleo over a decade ago. According to the company, it introduced the furniture in 2000 at the Milan Salone Satellite and sold it around the world until 2005, when “self-production was no longer sustainable.”

A letter from a fan hoping to purchase the furniture inspired the recent relaunch, and Studio Nucleo is embracing the opportunity to use Kickstarter to “think, produce and deliver the work directly to people who are really interested in buying.”

studio nucleo chair 3 Screenshot: Studio Nucleo

Studio Nucleo launched its Kickstarter campaign for TERRA! on August 1st, and has until August 31st to raise the 15,000 euros it needs. If the company’s grassy furniture is calling out to you, you can click here to pledge some cash — a wide variety of perks are still available, and the furniture will ship worldwide.

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