mega yacht exterior Rendering: Hareide Design

Wealthy boat enthusiasts, rejoice! If your current luxury vessel isn’t cutting it, Norway’s Hareide Design has just the thing — a huge yacht complete with its own private “beach.”

Called the 108M mega yacht, the ship was designed with the goal of “creating a platform for actively experiencing the beauty of nature and the changing elements.” That means while it’s definitely got some of the over-the-top amenities you’d expect on a giant yacht — did we mention it has a helipad? — many of its features are aimed at bringing occupants closer to nature.

Take the yacht’s grand hall. The multipurpose space looks perfect for hosting an upscale gala or fancy concert, but its huge floor-to-ceiling windows also offer amazing views of the surrounding area.

mega yacht grand hall Rendering: Hareide Design

An elevated dining and viewing area elsewhere on the boat provides a similar connection to the outdoors.

mega yacht viewing area Rendering: Hareide Design

The yacht’s private “beach” is not to be forgotten. Formed by the vessel’s sloping stern, it allows daring boat dwellers to get up close and personal with the water they’re sailing through. The downside? It doesn’t have sand — apparently money can’t buy absolutely everything.

mega yacht beach Rendering: Hareide Design

A 20-meter pool and nearby garden are also available for lounging if the “beach” experience seems too precarious.

mega yacht pool garden Rendering: Hareide Design

Finally, as befits a boat that’s all about connecting to nature, the yacht has high-efficiency solar panels that provide enough sustainable energy for slow cruising along quiet shorelines. Diesel-electric propulsion kicks in for more rigorous journeys.

If you think all of that sounds too good to be true, you’re not entirely wrong — the 108M mega yacht is currently only a concept, and Hareide Design reportedly won’t start building until it finds an interested buyer. There’s no official price estimate yet, but rumour is the boat could cost nearly $200 million.

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