pinterest seattle office Photo: Roxanne Ready/Flickr

Tech-savvy workers fed up with the high cost of living in the Bay Area are migrating to Seattle in record numbers. Naturally, over 80 out-of-town tech companies have followed, opening engineering outposts all over the Seattle area in recent years.

Pinterest, a company that lets users “pin” photos or links they find interesting onto an online board, will now join the ranks of tech companies with a Seattle engineering office space. Pinterest has more than 100 million users, and like other social media companies is gradually expanding its features to include video content.

The company will initially operate out of the WeWork building in downtown Seattle. There are only four employees currently at the office, but plan is to open a permanent office and reach 30 employees over the next year, reports Geekwire.

At this point Pinterest hasn’t yet announced where the permanent office will be or who will design the space. We’ll be staying tuned!

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