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Hours after real estate mogul and Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump told the press that President Obama was ISIS’ “most valuable player,” he spoke to the National Association of Home Builders in Miami. Trump came down harshly on “horrible” taxes and regulations that he claimed are killing the homebuilding industry and of course reiterated his famous catchphrase — a promise to “make America great again.”

Trump recounted to the audience — which he claimed was record breaking attendance-wise for the NAHB — stories of eavesdropping on his father as the elder Trump made real estate deals over the phone. Trump told the crowd he knew everything he needed to know to build a home by the time he was 16 years old, and knew as much about building then as he does now.

Trump lamented that home ownership is currently at its lowest levels in 51 years, citing Census figures that were released at the end of July. Households are earning $4,000 less per year than they were 16 to 18 years ago, according to Trump. Potential home buyers can’t make the leap from renting to buying simply because they can’t afford to. The reason? Regulations, says Trump. “Banks aren’t lending.”

While the official national unemployment rate is approximately 4.9 percent, Trump claims it is actually much higher, in the 20 percent to 21 percent range. “Housing equals jobs,” Trump insisted. Housing, when all facets are combined, is the country’s biggest business according to Trump.

He went on to claim that as much as 25 percent of current home building costs is due to regulation, calling it a “sad story.” Frivolous lawsuits were also to blame for the high costs. “People make mistakes. Okay,” Trump rationalized.

Trump proposed a “big league” tax cut and “massive” cuts on building and banking regulations to reduce housing costs. He also intends to hire experts who can create jobs without the excessive regulations.

Trump claimed he will create “millions of jobs,” under his policies and leadership, although he did not specify how they would be created or in what industries.

“There’s no greater thing you can do than build a home,” Trump said as he wound down. “Go out there and build houses and make America great again.”

You can watch the full NAHB address below:

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