full house home interior Photo: Vanguard Properties

Back in early June we wrote about how the much-loved Victorian home from “Full House” was up for grabs in San Francisco. But now, John Stamos fans — back away slowly. The “Full House” home has officially been sold to a lucky new owner.

Originally on the market for $4.15 million, 1709 Broderick Street ultimately sold for $4 million. Maybe that’s a marginal difference with a selling price in the millions; however, it’s still interesting that an architectural classic with added laugh-track nostalgia wasn’t snatched up for more.

full house home bedroom Photo: Vanguard Properties

full house home books Photo: Vanguard Properties

full house home kitchen Photo: Vanguard Properties

The home was designed in 1883 by Charles Hinkel, who came from a family of architects that collectively built hundreds of San Francisco houses during the 19th century. Former owner Courtnay Daniels Haden decorated the house, and if it doesn’t look familiar, we don’t blame you — the property’s only exposure in “Full House” is a shot of its exterior in the opening credits

full house home exterior Photo: Vanguard Properties

full house home yard Photo: Vanguard Properties

The dream of living in the “Full House” home is over at least for now, but since we’re here, why not watch this “Fuller House” parody video from AJ+ that hits a little too close to home? Pun intended.

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