seattle composite Image: Clayton Kauzlaric

From the brilliant mind of artist/designer Clayton Kauzlaric comes “Then and Again,” a Seattle-inspired photo series of composite cross-time images. The series includes over 30 images, each of which was made in Photoshop by juxtaposing archival photos with present-day photos of the same location.

Kauzlaric was inspired by Paul Dorpat’s fascinating “Now & Then” feature in The Seattle Times and “a guy in the UK” who was making composite cross-time images by matching Google’s Street View with vintage photos. He decided to make some of his own set in the Seattle area, and we’ve selected a few particularly stunning examples.

McNaught house

seattle composite mcnaught house Image: Clayton Kauzlaric

This image combines present-day Seattle with a 1914 photo of the McNaught house during the regrade at 6th Avenue and Marion Street. Built around 1881 by entrepreneur Joseph F. McNaught, the house eventually became a hotel.

1st Avenue near Virginia Street 

seattle composite 1st avenue Image: Clayton Kauzlaric

When he’s not making cool photo composites, Kauzlaric works as senior design director for Microsoft Studios. Here’s what he says on his blog about the photo above: “[f]or many Seattle old timers, 1st Avenue was historically a patchwork of bars, second hand stores and some of the city’s more colorful adult-oriented businesses. As Seattle made the transition from a blue collar town to an epicenter of technology many of these institutions and the buildings that contained them have given way to a more gentrified (some would say clinical) appearance.”

He adds, “[h]ere we see present-day 1st Avenue near Virginia Street contrasted with a 1968 view. It’s interesting to note that the offices for web-based real estate giant Redfin are in a crisp new high rise where Al & Leon once sold furniture across a rambling array of storefronts.”

Golden Potlatch festival

seattle composite potlatch Image: Clayton Kauzlaric

A composite from the big Golden Potlatch festival in 1913 near 2nd Avenue and Marion Street. The festival was organized by a carnival association of civic clubs hoping to continue Seattle’s visibility after the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition of 1909. US Navy ships visited Seattle along with an airplane piloted by Lieutenant Eugene Ely, the first pilot to take off and land on a ship.

You can view Kauzlaric’s full collection of cross-time photos here.

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