berlin-startup Berlin, pictured above, is one of the most coder-friendly cities in the world, but it trails Toronto. Photo: Heisenberg Media/Flickr

Toronto has beaten out Berlin, London and New York City in a list of the best cities on Earth for software developers.

Teleport, a web-based tech company that has been called “a Tinder for cities” and provides data-driven services helping people relocate, ranked cities based on scores in 10 categories.

Half the categories — low pollution, low crime, low living costs, low rents, and the strength of the local startup scene — were included because these are the qualities that software developers logged into Teleport favour most.

“To make the list more relatable for developers, we went ahead and added five more specifically tech-related layers into the mix,” a blog post detailing the exercise reads.

These included internet download speed, university quality, number of tech events per year, increase in startups over the past three months and the number of co-working spaces.

Overall, Teleport looks at 180 “data dimensions,” drawing from more than 50 different sources, including Pew Research Centre and Funderbeam.


Weighting the results equally across all 10 categories, Toronto edges out Berlin as the top destination for coders. London, New York City and Melbourne round out the top five.

“The only thing Toronto — our winner — drags behind on here is university quality, which is also an issue for Berlin and Melbourne,” Teleport’s blog post continues.

The relatively high number of co-working spaces in Toronto, as well as recent growth in the number of new startups in recent months helped solidify its position.

Earlier this year, Michael Emory, CEO of Allied Properties REIT, a large property manager and developer, noted the role the city’s condo boom has played in attracting startups to the city’s core.

Teleport noted Toronto’s solid performance across multiple categories, from the local startup scene to relative affordability.

“If you’re looking for a near-perfect startup and tech scene, aim for London or New York City. If living costs are way more important to you, consider Melbourne or Berlin. And, if you want the best of both worlds, get ready to pack your stuff and set foot towards good ol’ Canada.”

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