south lake union tower exterior Rendering: Henriquez Architects

A unique proposal under review this week looks at bringing 889 apartments and a new retail space to 1200 Stewart Street in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. Henriquez Architects has designed two undulating towers planted on a triangular plot at the intersection of Denny Way, Stewart Street and Minor Avenue, with a sunlit 149,309-square-foot galleria for retail space at street level.

In a whimsical — and environmentally conscious — twist, the curvy green towers will delight not only human city dwellers, but also birds about town. As the proposal explains, a “continuous vertical landscape of hanging plants creates a series of green cascades that span the undulating façade, creating vertical habitat for birds and pollinators.” If the plan gains city approval, crows, robins, bluejays, finches, geese, pigeons and other Seattle fowl will have the opportunity to rest their wings in style.

south lake union tower proposal Rendering: Henriquez Architects

Henriquez Architects’ plan also calls for a specially designed facade that will prevent birds from flying into the building. In other words, birds won’t be getting smashed at 1200 Stewart Street unless someone spills a drink in the rooftop lap pool. Other exciting amenities for humans and birds alike include fire pits, a lush garden, three enhanced bus shelters and rooftop yoga platforms.

1200 Stewart Street has been in limbo for years — according to The Urbanist, in 2007 a different design for the property died with the recession, and in 2012 another plan got a Master Use Permit but was never built. The plot most recently sold for $52.8 million, and the hope is that the current project will soon be out of the review process.

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