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Holy extravagance. Thanks to Apple cofounder and former CEO Mike Markkula, there’s now a $45-million cattle ranch on the market in Carmel Valley, California. 

At 14,000 acres, the massive ranch is nearly half the size of San Francisco. It’s split into 12 legal parcels, many of which are approved for multiple dwellings, and includes owner, manager, guest and staff residences, plus a 2,900-foot private air strip, a private lake, two barns and 300 to 450 cattle.

carmel valley kitchen Photo: Carmel Realty Company

carmel valley bar Photo: Carmel Realty Company

That may sound intimidating for city folk, but ranch hand experience is apparently not a prerequisite for owning the property.

“We don’t really see the buyer as a cattle-rancher type, we see it as a leisure opportunity for a wealthy person who is interested in the investment in the land for his legacy and his descendants,” Bill Mitchell, one of the property’s listing agents, told the San Francisco Business Times.

Markkula and his wife bought the ranch in 1982 for $8 million, and considered retiring there, but ultimately decided not to. “We’ve enjoyed it; we’ve loved it, but it’s time to move on,” Markkula said.

carmel valley cows Photo: Carmel Realty Company

carmel valley pool Photo: Carmel Realty Company

The ranch was formerly listed in 2013 for nearly $60 million, meaning the new $45-million price tag is a relative bargain. For coding savants, this could be an opportunity to gain the ultimate bragging rights by owning the former home of a tech giant. 

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