Make the most of what you have.

1. Loft your bed (and your books) to save on floor space.

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2. Extend your windowsills for additional display areas.

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3. Consider the scale of your furniture.

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4. Light colors make a room appear larger.

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5. Freshen up your small space with houseplants.

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6. A concealed kitchen creates a streamlined look.

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7. Use area rugs to define zones in an open-concept space.

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8. If possible, forego curtains to increase the amount of natural light.

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9. If you are working with limited floor space, hang your lights.

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10. Choose a media console with plenty of storage.

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11. No room for a dining table? Build a breakfast bar.

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12. Hang extra chairs on the wall.

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13. Opt for floating nightstands.

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14. DIY a hanging clothes rack if you’ve got a tiny closet.

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15. Create a home library with wall-mounted shelves.

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16. Store magazines, throw blankets and more in a vintage suitcase.

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17. Use room dividers to cordon off a study space.

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18. No room for a bar cart? Try a wall-mounted liquor cabinet.

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19. Hang your pots and pans for easy access.

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20. Ensure that your small space is well-lit.

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21. Hook high heels onto towel racks.

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22. Use picture ledges to easily change up the look of your gallery wall.

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23. If you’re renting, add pops of color with decor accents rather than paint.

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24. When possible, keep doors open to extend sight lines.

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25. And finally, hang a mirror to create the illusion of more space.

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