Do your roommates a favor and take down the Bob Marley poster.

1. No paint allowed? Create a feature wall using a printed tapestry.

dorm room tapestry Photo: laurelandwolf/Instagram

2. Posters are out, but prints are in.

dorm room prints Photo: uonewyork/Instagram

3. Say it with throw pillows.

dorm pillows Photo: dormify/Instagram

4. Liven up a drab dorm with greenery.

plants Photo: apartment_no.2/Instagram

5. Not a fan of tapestries? Try a flag instead.

flag Photo: scurrilously/Instagram

6. Fairy lights make everything better.

fairy light Photo:uocarolinas/Instagram

7. Transform boring desk accessories with washi tape.

washi tape Photo: dormify/Instagram

8. Keep it simple with a monochrome palette.

monochrome Photo: mosebacke/Instagram

9. Pennants lend a vintage feel.

pendant Photo: jessecoronadojr/Instagram

10. Be bold with your choice of bedding.

bedding Photo: anatalks/Instagram

11. Bulldog clips are a unique way to hang prints.

hang prints Photo: karenkavett/Instagram

12. Don’t forget to add task lighting.

light Photo: pbdorm/Instagram

13. Go for a preppy look with monogrammed pillows.

monogrammed Photo: yepitsprepblog/Instagram

14. Create an inspiring collage above your workspace.

collage Photo: trevor_parson/Instagram

15. Vinyl sounds better on a printed record player.

vinyl Photo: halhueck/Instagram

16. Try out a tassel garland.

tassels Photo: cassiel_m_s_t/Instagram

17. Seek out good vibes with a boho-inspired wall hanging.

wall hanging Photo: bexchexx/Instagram

18. Think of hats as wearable wall art.

hats Photo: space24twenty/Instagram

19. Invest in a pretty serving tray.

tray Photo: dormify/Instagram

20. Use metallic wall decals to add a bit of glam.

wall decals Photo: rbjrs/Instagram

21. And finally, express yourself with a modern message board.

lightbox Photo: alittlelovelycompany/Instagram

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