The Pantone color gods have spoken.

1. Lush Meadow – 18-5845

lush meadow Photo: ohhappyday/Instagram

A deep, yet vibrant green that will lend an organic quality to your interiors.

lush meadow backsplash Photo: oandsltd/Instagram

2. Riverside – 17 -4028

riverside living room Photo: beautifulhomesinthenorth/Instagram

This greyish blue has a moody ambience. It pairs well with nearly all of Pantone’s fall shades.

riverside rug Photo: beautifulhomesinthenorth/Instagram

3. Spicy mustard – 14-0952

mustard paint Photo: farrowandball.timeless/Instagram

Add a little zest to your home with an unexpected pop of yellow.

mustard seed chair Photo: csdecoranddesign/Instagram

4. Sharkskin – 17-3914

sharkskin accessories Photo: oh.eight.oh.nine/Instagram

Who said neutrals can’t have an edge?

sharkskin kitchen Photo: sherwinwilliams/Instagram

5. Bodacious – 17-3240

bodacious couch Photo: redpoppyvintage/Instagram

This purple-pink tone is not often integrated into fall decor. Even small accents can create a big impact.

bodacious chairs-compressed Photo: sarakatestudios/Instagram

6. Airy Blue – 14 -4122

airy blue Photo: em_henderson/Instagram

The icier cousin of Pantone’s Serenity, this blue hue is refreshing and versatile.

blue walls Photo: stylemeahome/Instagram

7. Dusty Cedar – 18-1630

cedar paint Photo: farrowandball/Instagram

Dusty Cedar is a nod to Rose Quartz, but with a more fall-appropriate feel.

cabinet Photo: avelienthoben/Instagram

8. Warm Taupe – 16-1318

taupe bedroom Photo: inspire_me_home_decor/Instagram

Taupe is a timeless neutral, but we blame the Kardashians for popularizing it this season.

taupe door Photo: waringsathome/Instagram

9. Aurora Red – 18-1550

red accent wall Photo: benjaminmoore/Instagram

Like a maple tree that’s reached the peak of its fall color, Aurora Red is bold and dynamic.

red bookshelf Photo: pencilshavings/Instagram

10. Potter’s Clay – 18-1340

potters clay Photo: benjaminmoore/Instagram

Potter’s Clay is natural and earthy, but with an element of sophistication.

clay pillows Photo: jillianrenedecor/Instagram

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