Old Town Toronto lives up to its name.

From the Victorian street lamps that line its streets, to the abundance of 19th-century buildings you’ll find — among the highest concentration anywhere in the province — the neighbourhood has maintained its charms, despite an influx of glass and steel from new towers.

It is bounded by Queen Street East to the North, Parliament Street to the east, Front Street to the south and Church and Jarvis Streets to the west.

To show how the neighbourhood has evolved without losing its heritage-rich character, we’ve compared historic photos from the City of Toronto Archives and Toronto Public Library with contemporary shots by James Bombales.

Toronto’s archival photos sometimes include wide date ranges, rather than a specific year. We’ve labeled the photos accordingly.

Toronto Police 51 Division, 1980-1998

King Street East and Berkeley, 1980-1998

Front Street and Princess Street, 1980-1998

Front Street and Princess Street facing northwest, 1980-1998

George Brown Campus, 1980-1998

145 King Street East,1870

Adelaide and Sherbourne, 1980-1998

King Street East and Toronto Street, 1912

King Street East and Victoria Street, 1910s

King Street East and Church Street, 1973

King Street and Parliament, 1980-1998

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