As movie lovers nationwide prepare to once again “answer the call” of the Ghostbusters, we decided to revisit a few of the classic 1984 film’s haunts.

1.  Ladder Eight Firehouse (Varick and North Moore Street)

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Photo: Robert Clark


Photo: Robert Clark


Photo: Robert Clark

Perhaps the most famous of all the locations, Ladder Eight was the home of the Ghostbusters in both the 1984 film and its 1989 sequel. Although most of the 2016 film is shot in Boston, this iconic location also served as home for the new generation of Ghostbusters.

The location today is undergoing a facelift, unfortunately. Its classic red door and ghost logo painted on the pavement are however still visible.

2. The New York City Public Library (42nd Street and 5th Avenue)



Photo: Robert Clark


Photo: Robert Clark


Photo: Robert Clark


Photo: Robert Clark


Photo: Robert Clark

The site where the Ghostbusters and audiences encountered the Gray Lady, later revealed to be Eleanor Twitty in the Ghostbusters video game. This famous location is most recognized for the pair of stone lions that bookend the stairs.

On the day we revisited the NYCPL, a special visitor delighted fans young and old with a photo opp.

3. Dana Barrett’s Apartment (55 Central Park West)

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Photo: Robert Clark


Photo: Robert Clark


Photo: Robert Clark

The art deco inspired building, referred to as “Spook Central,” first opened its doors in 1930. Though the exterior of the “Ghostbusters building” was used in the film, 55 CPW was portrayed as being taller and having a completely different roof that figured prominently in the film’s climax.

4. City Hall and Center Street



Photo: Robert Clark


Photo: Robert Clark

The Ghostbusters’ real world nemesis, Mayor Lenny Clotch, resided here. Its exterior has not changed much since 1984, but the park and outlying areas have been a given a facelift or two over the years.

Center Street, directly across from City Hall, houses the Manhattan Municipal Building. Ecto-1, the official ride of the Ghostbusters, raced through the famous arches of Center Street.

5. Lincoln Center (Columbus Avenue, between 63rd and 64th Streets) and Columbus Circle


Photo: Robert Clark

Columbus Circle1_SMALL

Photo: Robert Clark

The building complex known as Lincoln Center houses the Metropolitan Opera House, Avery Fisher Hall, the Julliard School, the Vivian Beaumont Theatre, a plaza and a large fountain.

The fountain and the plaza were the backdrop for a key scene between the original film’s stars Sigourney Weaver and Bill Murray.

Actor Rick Moranis raced through Columbus Circle sniffing for “the Gatekeeper,” played by Weaver.

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