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Seattle’s median rent dropped from ninth highest in the US to 10th highest last month, according to Zumper’s most recent “National Rent Report.” Honolulu, Hawaii (of all places) came in one step ahead, and San Francisco took the top spot.

A one bedroom in Seattle cost a median of $1,770 in June, a 1.1-percent decrease from May. Meanwhile, a two bedroom in the city cost a median of $2,400, up 1.3 percent from the previous month.


Map: Zumper

Zumper also released a helpful guide (for newcomers) on the trendiest neighborhoods in Seattle in June. It will come as no surprise to locals that most apartment rental searches on Zumper were for Capitol Hill, followed by Belltown, Lower Queen Anne, the University District and South Lake Union.

One-bedroom units garnered 31 percent of all searches at a median inquiry price of $1,500. Studios were the second most searched, generating 25 percent of inquiries at a median price of $1,350. Two-bedroom units followed with 20 percent of inquiries at a median price of $2,010.

Three- and four-bedroom units were the least sought after. Three-bedroom units generated 16 percent of inquiries at a median price of $2,650, while four-bedroom units produced 8 percent of inquiries at a median price of $3,000.


Chart: Zumper

In a housing market where $427,000 gets you a home too dangerous to enter, it’s no surprise that many Seattlites are sticking to renting. Best of luck if you’re on the hunt in this hot market!

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