Photo: 432 Park Avenue, where the top three most expensive apartments sold in June.

Manhattan apartment sale prices dropped but the number of units sold rose this last month, according to the CityRealty’s Monthly Market Report published this week.

The average sales price for Manhattan apartments, which includes both condominiums and co-ops, dipped slightly to $2.1 million from the preceding month’s $2.3 million total whereas the number of units sold saw a marked increase — 906 units, up from the previous month’s 801 units.

Four hundred and ninety-three condos were sold at an average price of $2.8 million, averaging $1,828 per square foot. Meantime co-op sales averaged $1.3 million with 413 units sold.

Downtown was the highest grossing region in Manhattan for condominium sales, with 45 percent of sales totaling $623 million. Midtown ranked second with 28 percent of sales and $382 million in reported sales.

Downtown also recorded the highest price per square foot at $1,999, followed closely by Midtown at $1,843.

New development condo prices saw an average of $2,233 per square foot, compared to $1,633 per square foot for non-new developments. The price per square foot of new apartments rose 3 percent higher than the same month in the previous year.

New condos sold for an average of $4.4 million while aggregate sales of new developments totalled $678 million.

According to the report, there were 155 new development unit sales, making up 31 percent of condo sales. Downtown saw the highest number of new development sales, 107 sales in all for a total of $348 million. Midtown lagged behind with fewer unit sales, 27, but sales amounted to $257 million.

Read the full report here.

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