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Rendering: Studio OBA

Divorce may be common, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Aside from being emotionally draining, divorcing couples have to split possessions, cancel bills and — perhaps worst of all — decide who keeps the house.

Luckily, that third problem has been innovatively solved by Omar Kbiri and Amsterdam’s Studio OBA. They recently partnered on “Prenuptial Housing,” a floating concept home that can break apart in the event of marital unhappiness or divorce.

“With the increasing number of divorces each year, our concept is — regrettably — becoming more and more relevant,” Dezeen quotes Kbiri as saying. Kbiri, who describes himself as a PR, communications and pop culture expert, came up with the idea for “Prenuptial Housing,” while Studio OBA was responsible for its design.

As the rendering below shows, “Prenuptial Housing” will actually be two separate structures that — when times are good — fit together like Tetris blocks. The fact that the home can float will be key to its ability to break apart and come together as needed, and according to Studio OBA’s Vincent Ringoir, was inspired by the many homes on Amsterdam’s canals.

prenuptial housing 2

Rendering: Studio OBA

“As we all live in Amsterdam and see many houses in the canals, the idea of a separable floating house emerged quickly during our first meetings,” he said.

Kbiri and the team at Studio OBA see “Prenuptial Housing” being particularly popular with couples in Belgium, Portugal and Hungary, all of which have high divorce rates. That said, they’re aware that it may not appeal to everyone.

“I can imagine that discussing whether to buy a house that can split apart when things aren’t going well, might be awkward,” Studio OBA’s Xander den Duijn told Domain. He added that it might also be a good solution “for couples that want to live together but on the other hand know they just sometimes need some time alone as well.”

Kbiri is currently in talks with investors, and plans to start taking orders for “Prenuptial Housing” in 2017. We recommend thinking carefully before you spring the idea of buying one of the homes on your spouse.

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