If the bright sunshine on these warm summer days has put you in a cheerful mood, you may be hunting for a home that reflects your colorful spirit. However, unlike San Francisco or, say, Miami, Seattle homes are known for their earth tones — most are somewhere on the brown, green or grey spectrum.

Even so, there are a few spots of color sprinkled in on the hillsides. Here are some of the most colorful homes for sale in Seattle right now.

710 West Mcgraw Street, Queen Anne — $575,000


Photo: Zillow

This two-bedroom, 800-square-foot home is a lovely shade of royal blue. With its prime location across the street from tasty Macrina Bakery, all of your days will be more fun in this house.  

5817 56th Avenue Northeast, Windermere — $619,000


Photo: Zillow

The beauty of this burnt orange home is matched only by the fruit trees in the big back yard. This three-bedroom home originally sold for $193,000 in 1997 and is now on the market for $619,000. Unbelievable.

5626 2nd Avenue Northwest, Phinney Ridge — $550,000


Photo: Zillow

Inside this Little Red Riding Hood house on Phinney Ridge you can read all the fairy tales you want. The asking price for the 870-square-foot home recently went down $35,000 to hit $550,000. And Boomers think Millennials just aren’t interested in homeownership…

8517 2nd Avenue Northeast, Maple Leaf — $625,000


Photo: Zillow

Another blue beauty with a vibrant yellow front door. Just a mile from Greenlake, you’ll be the friendliest neighbor on the block.

1314 West Ruffner Street, North Queen Anne — $825,000


Photo: Zillow

Live your green dream in this emerald home in North Queen Anne. The home boasts four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a sky deck.

Seattle. Make your home inside of a rainbow!

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