Whether covered in snow or perched on a lake, we can’t get enough of “cabin porn.”

1. This ultra-modern cabin nestled among the redwoods of Sonoma County, California.

windows cabin-compressedPhoto: imgur

2. The great room of this luxury vacation property in Big Sky, Montana.

great room cabin-compressedPhoto: imgur

3. This enchanting triangular cabin on Jones Lake Reservoir in British Columbia.

greyish cabin-compressedPhoto: imgur

4. This mountainside retreat built into a boulder in Montenegro.

montenegro cabin-compressedPhoto: imgur

5. This impossibly quaint cottage kitchen in Cornwall, England.

cabin kitchen-compressedPhoto: imgur

6. This avant-garde take on a wood cabin in Whistler, British Columbia.

modern cabin-compressedPhoto: imgur

7. This jaw-dropping cabin on a geothermal lake in Montana that boasts LEED Platinum certification.

LEED cabin-compressedPhoto: imgur

8. The living area of this charming beach cottage in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

provincetown cabin-compressedPhoto: imgur

9. This moss-covered cabin in the misty woods of Washington state.

moss covered cabin-compressedPhoto: imgur

10. And this darling log cabin in Yoho National Park, British Columbia.

BC log cabin-compressedPhoto: imgur

11. The intimate dining area of this minimal Swiss cabin.

dining area swiss cabin-compressedPhoto: imgur

12. This wee cabin in Lake Tahoe, California with an intriguing garage door.

little cabin doors-compressedPhoto: imgur

13. And this cabin in Magdalensberg, Austria that looks too perfect to be real.

austrian cabin-compressedPhoto: imgur

14. This industrial-meets-rustic living room in Telluride, Colorado.

industrial meets rustic-compressedPhoto: imgur

15. This snug reading nook in a cabin on the shores of Woman Lake, Minnesota.

reading nook-compressedPhoto: imgur

16. This contemporary cabin with floor-to-ceiling windows in Lake Tahoe, California.

mod cabin in snow-compressedPhoto: imgur

17. The warm and welcoming foyer of this vacation home.

foyer-compressedPhoto: imgur

18. This cleverly designed cabin on the outskirts of a Czech village.

clever cabin-compressedPhoto: imgur

19. The living room of this cozy home on Orcas Island, Washington.

island cottage-compressedPhoto: imgur

20. This cabin’s stone and wood kitchen with a striking range hood.

stone and wood kitchen-compressedPhoto: imgur

21. As well as this tiny cabin that’s big on windows.

windows cabin-compressed (1)Photo: imgur

22. And this curvaceous cottage in Big Sur, California.

curvy cabin-compressedPhoto: imgur

23. This former stone hunting retreat near Southport, Maine.

stone cottage maine-compressed (1)

Photo: imgur

24. This stylish cabin with soaring ceilings north of Cashmere, Washington.

high ceilings-compressedPhoto: imgur

25. This sun-drenched cabin with a lofted bedroom.

cabin with loft-compressedPhoto: imgur

26. The cozy bedroom of this chalet in the French Alps.

cozy bedroom-compressedPhoto: imgur

27. And finally, this secluded cabin in the treetops.

cabin in tree-compressedPhoto: imgur

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