Cocktails, anyone?

1. This zenned out courtyard in an Ecuadorian home.

zen courtyard-compressed (1) Photo: imgur

2. This sunken seating area with an outdoor fireplace.

sunken seating area-compressed Photo: imgur

3. This succulent-filled courtyard that makes use of vertical space.

courtyard with hanging plants-compressed Photo: imgur

4. This open courtyard that draws in natural light.

courtyard natural light-compressed Photo: imgur

5. This central pool that’s perfect for taking a quick dip.

courtyard pool-compressed Photo: imgur

6. This glass-framed courtyard that adds a pop of color.

flower bed courtyard-compressed Photo: imgur

7. This living room that opens onto a tropical courtyard in Thailand.

living area courtyard-compressed Photo: imgur

8. And this OMG-worthy courtyard in a $33 million mega-mansion.

courtyard mega mansion-compressed Photo: imgur

9. This all white courtyard with built-in seating and ample greenery.

built-in bench-compressed Photo: imgur

10. This kitchen that looks onto a multifunctional courtyard in Melbourne, Australia.

kitchen courtyard-compressed Photo: imgur

11. This classically-appointed New York City apartment with a secret garden.

nyc courtyard-compressed Photo: imgur

12. This riad in Marrakesh, Morocco with a pristine swimming pool.

riad-compressed Photo: imgur

13. This stately Mexican residence with a lush central courtyard.

lush courtyard mexico-compressed Photo: imgur

14. And this incredible home in Brazil that’s open to nature.

brazil garden house-compressed Photo: imgur

15. This courtyard pool in Bangladesh with a canoe as a decor accent.

water courtyard-compressed Photo: imgur

16. This intimate living space with a walk-out to an outdoor oasis.

tiny oasis-compressed Photo: imgur

17. This open-air atrium with vibrant foliage.

atrium-compressed Photo: imgur

18. And finally, this jaw-dropping riad in Fez, Morocco.

unreal courtyard-compressed Photo: imgur

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